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Call to Action: Email Six Apart This Weekend

Six Apart have stated that as far as they are concerned the discussion they are having with the boob nazis is about breastfeeding default icons and nothing else.

They do not want to look at any of the other problems or issues with LiveJournal Abuse.

This is the weekend to let them know that's not good enough and it's not just the boob nazis who are calling for a major change in LiveJournal's attitude to their users. The boob nazi community is now set so only its members can post and respond to Doug Bryan, so let's make sure they have to hear us anyway.


I don't know if dougbryan@livejournal.com reaches Doug Bryan but you could try it. Confirmed addresses for Six Apart and LiveJournal are:

Barakb@SixApart.Com (CEO of Six Apart)
kevink@livejournal.com (Head of LiveJournal)

If you want to see wider changes being made to LJ Abuse, please write to them. Tell them that this cannot be brushed off as an issue about default icons and breastfeeding. It is a problem with LiveJournal Abuse's culture, and they are continuing it by dismissing users' concerns.

When they bought LiveJournal, the head honchos at Six Apart said in an interview:

Barak Berkowitz: "I think the core thing to say here is we're buying LiveJournal for LiveJournal. We're not buying it to turn it into something else. We know what LiveJournal is. The fact that we come from the community should make people convinced that we're not so naive that we don't know exactly what the community is... The net is, users will question us, and users will be suspicious until they see what we do in real life in real action over a series of months, and we'll have to prove ourselves to them."

Mena Trott: "We believe in communication. We're doing this because we think LiveJournal has something that's really strong with the community. We feel that that's one of things we are lacking."

Remind them of that. We are that community, yet they're telling us that they don't want to listen to us, and that our concerns are not important. Tell them how LJ abuse's actions affect the LiveJournal community, not just people who get suspended.

Put it in your own words, or copy and paste lines from here.

Post this in your LiveJournal. Encourage your friends to write. Post it in any communities where it's relevant and not spam.

Let's see how many voices it takes for Six Apart to really listen.


* If anyone wants to write up a short sample email highlighting the main points, please post it in a comment. Protest graphics would be cool too. :) *
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